Hi, my name is Richard Del Rosario.

I am the head golf coach at George Ranch High School. I started teaching high school physics in 1996 at Cypress-Creek High School in Northwest Houston. I have been teaching Civil Engineering / Architecture and Physics at GRHS since 2015. The mechanics of the golf swing is a fervent passion that I have enjoyed earnestly for 28 years.  However, the mental aspect of golf is very important.   I believe golf is 51% mental and 49% physical. Having my Masters in Counseling allows me to analyze, incorporate, and combine this mental, emotional, and psychosocial aspect of the game with the individual player to be successful.   Finally, I have been married to my wife, Emily Barger Del Rosario, since 2009 and have two kids: Tyse (2010) and Elise (2013).


A simple break down of my golf approach:

To incorporate this notion in golf is scarcely understood.   It has been ingrained in most people to measure sports, business, and life from an immediate quantitative perspective as opposed to a qualitative one.   We want the result of hitting a perfect round with a 72 in a 3-5 hour round without practice as opposed to “loving” the process of the longevity it took to get there.  Recognizing and appreciating this process may last 3-5 years (or more) from an individual’s dedication, perseverance, humility, and hard-work.  This usually results in falling prematurely short of the potential result and never engaging or loving the process or journey.  My job or any coach's job in the process is simple – “ to work myself out of a job".  In other words, the job of a teacher or a coach is to facilitate the learning process of the student to make sure they can be fully capable to be on their own.

The general swing can be broken down into 9 different options.   Here is a general break down of the three swing paths and three club face positions to make 9 different options: Three swing paths 1) Inside-out 2) Outside-in and 3) A square-straight neutral path with the three club face positions 1) Closed 2) Open 3) Square.  Measurable 3 paths x 3 faces = 9 possible options.  If the golf players are able to comprehend, practice with discipline, and execute these simple laws of physics in the swing they will be on their way to self-regulate 49% of their swing by themselves as they practice.

This is relatively more difficult to package and is highly individualized compared to the mechanics of the golf swing.  Understanding each individual player and how they think is imperative.  As a result, I believe the mental game varies per player.  I take the approach that each player should be catered to what they need as opposed to giving each player the same treatment.  Ultimately, it takes having a trusting and comfortable relationship with the player mentally and emotionally as they face difficult situations.  For example, swinging in a comfortable, indoor facility at 72 degrees is not the same when faced with a shot hitting over water with a long-iron at 185 yards and 15 mph wind in your face.  The question for the coach is, "do I have a trusting, deep-rooted relationship with this individual to calm him or her down to execute that pure shot?"

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Assisting Coaches

The George Ranch Golf Program has 49 players between JV and Varsity.   Coaching comes from several of the golf players.  Several of the players coach to allow for a 3:1 ratio.  Coach Del Rosario has vetted and hand-selected these player / coaches to help the young campers with their development and hopefully be in the position to replace these assisting coaches in the future.  They would enable and equip these campers with the mechanics and assure the safety during the camp.   They will also demonstrate and illustrate how the game of golf is one with fairness, patience, integrity, trust, humility, honesty, and hard-work.