Our goal is to allow all young people an affordable opprtunity to consider golf in their future as a sport or a long term activity.   It is to prepare, and develop these young players mechanically, mentally, and psychologically for the game.  To be self-reliant and self-regulated when it comes to the swing and the rules under USGA and UIL prior to entering competitive high school golf. Finally, to be individually competitive yet aware of the team-oriented mindset. All of this with the heart of having fun and bringing a community of kids together.

An organized and systematic golf camp which includes five (5) stations:

  • Station 1

    Indoor simulators 

  • Station 2

    Pitch, Chip, and Sand Bunker (outdoors)

  • Station 3

    Indoor Chipping and Pitching with Sponge Balls

  • Station 4

    Fun indoor activities and creative games with techniques to help facilitate the mental and psychological awareness of golf

  • Station 5

     USGA Rules and Etiquette 

George Ranch Golf Academy

Development Process

Short Term - Preparing, educating, and developing young people, ages 8–13, to advance into a varsity level for high school golf with districts, regionals, and state.   This process is not exclusive to George Ranch attendees only but inclusive to the surrounding community of Sugarland, Texas.

Long Term - Golf is a life long process and very difficult to master.  We understand that golf is one of the most difficult, if not arguably the most diffulcult sport.  This sport / activity can be viewed beyond high school.   As a result, the strategies, techniques, and processes are idividualized and patiently implemented to intentionally fit the needs of the participants at their developmental stage.